Live performance at Treewell Farm in Bedford on 11/09/21


The shipping forecast
I’m scared of you Japanese Cheese/mushy peas
Where the flip are the hedgehogs?
Lady Penelope
Have you seen my brown shoes?
This is my hippopotamus and his name is not Gerald
The Monkey who fell from a tree
Robot girl robot boy
Octopus I love you
Good Morning you crazy bacteria
The man in the moon is the elephant man
Hairy Monsters

New radio session

We have recorded a new session for CRMK’s Garden of Earthly Delights, which will be broadcast on Friday 13th August 2021 at 22:00 GMT and then should be available on the web.

This session features 4 specially recorded new tracks taken from our next album.

The tracks featured are:

1 – The man in the moon is the elephant man

2 – Robot girl robot boy

3 – Where the fuck are the hedgehogs?

4 – How to build a time machine

Meteorite featured in The Garden of Earthly Delights

The Cramps : Human Fly
Kip Tyler : She’s My Witch
Guv’ner : Etwas Hubsch
Shimmerglisten : About Fibble
Hunki Dori : Augustfunk
Rob Noyes : And How
96 Back : Sat In
Sky Burrow Tales : Surf ’n’ Turf / The Road To Sky Burrow
Sirconical : Moondance
Gabe Is a Unit : I’ve Had an Absolutely Marvellous Evening Babes
Dalmation Rex : Meteorite
George Formby : When I’m Doing Acid
Mr Sunshine : Marijuana, The Devil’s Flower
Tom Petty : Girl on LSD